Tierspezifische ELISAs

01 Veterinary, Food and Feed Safety is Equally Important as Human Under Global Strategy of One Health Concept.

  • The Global Strategy of One Health Concept requires interdisciplinary Doctors, Veterinarians, Food and Feed safety experts to work together to effectively diagnose and control threat of various Animal diseases, Zoonoses, Food‐borne diseases and Food hygiene together with Human diseases.


  • We have expanded our human ELISA, PCR and RAPID diagnostic product lines together with products for Veterinary, Food & Feed safety Diagnosis.


  • We are fully committed to supply high standard European (Biochek, Biorex Procom cure, Ingenetix, and more) and USA (BioMed and more) based diverse panels of Veterinary and Food&Feed diagnostic products based on ELISA, PCR and advanced innovated and patented microbial detection methods.


  • We are proud to be authorized supplier of USA based BioMed Veterinary Diagnostic products InTray® and InPouch® culture diagnostic tests which is extremely advanced designed patented assays (100% sensitive, economical and fast requires no wet laboratories anymore).


  • Our Vet diagnostic kits (ELISA, PCR, InTray® and InPouch®) range covers: Poultry, Farm animals, Swine, Companion animals and more applicable for diagnosing all kind of diseases such as Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic, Hormonal, Gynecological and more.


  • Exclusive to the Food&Feed Diagnostics we offer kits (ELISA and PCR) to detect: Food allergens, Aminoglycosides Antibiotics, Anthelmintic, Coccidiostats, Fungicide, Growth Hormones, Mycotoxins, NSAIDS in various Food/Feed samples.

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