Point-of-care Diagnostics

01 Rapid tests

We offer a huge range of rapid tests from different suppliers in the fields of:

Allergy, Cancer, Cardiac markers, 3in1 Troponin/Myoglobin/CK-MB, C-reactive Protein, Drug testing, Infectious diseases, Dengue NS1 antigen IgG/IgM Antibody Duo Panel, Legionella, Malaria, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Leishmania, Syphilis and Salmonella, Hepatitis including HCV and HBsAg, Fertility, Ovulation and Pregnancy .

BioMedomics, Inc. is a point-of-care (“POC”) diagnostics company that has developed CE- approved unique immunologically-based disease-specific tests and advanced highly sensitive quantitative platforms.
BioMedomics’ products diagnose critical hemoglobinopathies in minutes

Alpha-Thal SCAN®

Rapid diagnostic test for alpha-Thalassemia with Southeast Asian Deletion (carrier and HbH disease)

Sickle SCAN®

Detects sickle cell disease and trait in 5 minutes

Hemo SCAN®

Measures total hemoglobin level in seconds

02 Biomed Diagnostics' microbiology media


biocore is distributing microbiology diagnostic devices that save money and time, improve workflow and throughput, and reduce sample exposure and contamination.

By combining sample collection, transport and culture in a single platform, the Biomed point-of-care InPouch™ and InTray™ devices help medical professionals, veterinarians, research teams, environmental and industry scientists worldwide accurately detect, identify, enumerate and differentiate pathogens and non-pathogens.

Laboratorians benefit additionally when using either the InPouch™ or InTray™ as wet mount slides are not needed; both devices include brilliant, optically clear materials, allowing for direct microscopy.

InPouch™ and InTray™ both incorporate Biomed’s proprietary seals which extends their shelf life dramatically over Petri while limiting risk of contamination of sample after innoculation.

Biomed’s innovative microbiology media makes specimen collection and diagnosis easier and cost-effective.


A low-cost, all-in-one pouch for the determination of trichomonas vaginalis .Trichomonas vaginalis is the most common, curable STD. Estimated 3.7 million infections; only 30% show symptoms.


The InTray™ GC kit is purpose designed to provide the anaerobic environment needed to diagnose Gonorrhea. It provides all-in-one culture solution to meet CDC guidelines for culturing in conjunction to NAAT/PCR.

Culture and diagnose the presence of dermatophytes with this self-contained cassette.


Prevent HAIs with Biomed InTray™ products, ideal for prescreening and testing treatment areas and equipment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Protect large and companion animals from infection and illness with Biomed’s unique point-of-care devices.

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