Enzyme Immunoassays

01 Infectious diseases

We have a comprehensive line of enzyme immunoassays for the determination of all kind of infectious diseases. All assays are standardized, have ready-to-use reagents, are color-coded and have a long shelf-life. The kits contain cut-off controls and snap-off microtiter strips. In addition to a long list of routine tests, we also feature tests such as, Hanta-Virus IgG, Dengue IgM u-capture, Chikungunya IgG and IgM u-capture and Zika IgM u-capture ELISA kits.

Our CE-marked PANTEST is a multi-screening assay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of antibodies to Treponema p., HCV and HIV, HIV1Ag-p24 too in each sample of human serum or plasma. Most ELISA kits for the measurement of infectious diseases are CE- marked and can be used on several automated analyzers.

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02 Hormone / Steroids / Tumormarkers

A wide variety of enzyme immunometric tests on microplates for measuring steroid hormones in saliva are available, including Cortisol, Testosterone, DHEA-S and Estradiol. We also offer saliva collection devices and saliva controls.
Our tumor marker line covers CA-125, CA 15-3, CA 19-9, PSA, free PSA and many other markers.

We also offer a complete range of ELISAs in the field of Hypertension, e.g. Aldosterone and Renin

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03 Autoimmune diseases

Our Rheumatology line offers a complete panel of routine and research usage kits, including different parameters developed to help the laboratories solve the puzzle of autoimmune diseases. All available kits share the “ONE” AIDA CONCEPT, making them easy to be automated and run in parallel, for a faster differential diagnosis in connective tissue diseases. We offer a comprehensive and complete range of diagnostic tools for Vasculitis diseases.

Anti-Thyroglobulin (a-Tg) and anti-Thyroperoxidase (a-TPO) autoantibodies are very important markers for Thyroiditis since a negative testing result excludes this diagnosis.

About 10% of individuals have anti-Tg antibodies at low levels which are considered to be a potential primary risk factor for future autoimmune thyroid dysfunction.

Elevated Thyroglobulin (Tg) serum values occur in hyperthyroidism, non-toxic goiter, thyroiditis and thyroid carcinoma. The main indication for Thyroglobulin testing is for postoperative monitoring of differentiated carcinoma since it can be useful in the early detection and exclusion of metastases or tumor relapses and in the follow-up of radioiodine treatments.

Autoimmune liver (hepatic) diseases include primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).
In autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) a chronic inflammation damages the liver cells. In PBC and PSC the intrahepatic small bile ducts and the large bile ducts, respectively, are affected by the patient’s own immune system.
The autoimmune liver disease panel offers a series of ELISA tests including anti-nuclear antibodies, anti-mitochondrial antibodies, anti-liver/kidney microsomal antibodies and anti-soluble liver antigen/ liver pancreas antigen (SLA/LP) antibodies.

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04 Bone metabolism /Diabetes/Hemostasis/ inflammatory diseases

Bone metabolism

25-OH-Vitamin D ELISA

This ELISA shows 100%cross-reactivity to D2&D3. No extraction needed. The assay is very sensitive, reliable and easy adaptable to fully automated analyzers, without any external sample treatment.


A very price attractive PTH ELISA. Reliable, concentration range: 0 – 1000 pg/ml, also available as bulk ware.


The Diabetes panel includes kits for the detection of antibodies against insulin, glutamate decarboxylase-65 (GAD65 kDa isoform), tyrosine phosphatase-related protein islet antigen 2 (IA2) and the fusion protein IA2-GAD65.
Type 1 Diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is characterized by the presence of autoantibodies that recognize antigens including insulin, glutamate decarboxylase (GAD65 kDa isoform) and tyrosine phosphatase-related protein islet antigen 2 (IA2). These autoantibodies appear to develop sequentially.
Antibodies against insulin are often expressed first, especially in young children. Anti-GAD65 antibodies may represent a propensity for general autoimmunity, whereas antibodies against IA2 are a more specific marker of beta-cell destruction.

The Diabetes panel includes kits for the detection of antibodies against insulin, glutamate decarboxylase-65 (GAD65 kDa isoform), tyrosine phosphatase-related protein islet antigen 2 (IA2) and the fusion protein IA2-GAD65.


Thrombophilia is a multi-factor disease revealing several predisposing genetic and of the genetic defects affect the function of the natural anticoagulant system. Protein C deficiency and Protein S deficiency belong to the congenital thrombophilic risk factors.
We offer a Hemostasis line for the highly accurate and reliable determination of Protein C and Protein S levels in human plasma. In combination with our Thrombosis panel, it is an excellent tool for thrombophilia and thrombosis testing.

Growth factors

The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) axis consists of IGF-I and IGF-II proteins, their receptors (IGF-IR and IGF-IIR), a family of seven IGF binding proteins (IGFBP-1 to IGFBP-7) and IGFBP-degrading proteases. Together these form a complex network of proteins that play critical roles in normal physiology and pathophysiology of multiple disease states, like growth abnormalities, tumorgenesis, diabetes, cardiomyopathy and neurological diseases.

Inflammatory diseases

ELISAs for the measurement of C-reactive Protein, Secretory IgA, Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin are available. Many more ELISAS can be offered on request.

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05 Saliva steroid hormones Elisa

biocore diagnostics offers a huge range of ELISA kits for the measurement of human saliva samples from leading suppliers. Especially, the determination of free steroid hormones has gained more and more interest. The non-invasive sampling makes the determination of children sera for these hormones easier.

Which assay do you need? Please ask us. We would be happy to send you more information.

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06 Veterinary medicine / Companion animals

For the veterinary field, we have ELISA kits for the detection of pathogen-specific antigens or antibodies. We are using the advantages of a protein A/G-HRP conjugate. This protein is able to detect antibodies from all mammals and is consequently suited for veterinary serological assays.

Animal specific ELISAs for research

We have an interesting line of animal specific ELISA kits from Endocrine Technologies and Ansh Labs. ELISA kits for the measurement of AMH in bovine, canine, equine, rat and mouse are available, as well as rat and mouse specific assays for IGF-I, Activins, Inhibins, and more. Further animal specific kits on request.

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07 Reproductive function

Ansh Labs, our American partner, develops and manufactures immunoassay test kits for clinical diagnostics and biomedical research. The company specializes in assays for TGF-Beta superfamily hormones, pappalysins, IGF-axis proteins, glucagon-regulation, etc.

Ansh Labs focuses on novel hormones with physiological roles related to reproductive function, high risk pregnancy, oncology, cardiovascular disease, growth and metabolic disorders.

Feature products from Ansh Labs include novel immunoassay test kits for reproductive function such as anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), Inhibin B, Inhibin A, Activin A, Activin B, Follistatin, FSTL-3, and other TGF-beta superfamily hormones involved in folliculogenesis.

There are dozens of ongoing studies of these hormones using the Ansh Labs assays with hundreds of articles citing the utility of these markers in various applications in gynecology, oncofertility, PCOS, menopause, etc.

Ansh Labs offers unique test kits for the IGFS and their high affinity binding proteins, including: Total IGF-I and bioactive IGF-I, intact IGFBP3, intact IGFBP-4, and more. Additionally, Ansh Labs developed PAPP-A, PAPP-A2, and several complexes of these pappalysins, which are IGFBP specific proteases that are integral to the regulation of IGF and IGFBP binding. Having these tools has enabled investigators to understand better the dynamic relationship between IGF – IGFBP – PAPP-A and PAPP-A2, and has resulted in promising research in cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, and preeclampsia and causes of intra-uterine growth retardation in high risk pregnancies.

In the Diabetes and Obesity field, Ansh Labs has developed new Glucagon regulation markers, such as the Oxyntomodulin ELISA. The two-site sandwich assay is specific for total oxyntomodulin. It is not impacted by DPP-4 cleavage producing 1-37, 3-37, 4-37 catabolites. It does not cross-react with glucagon, and prohormone convertase 2/3 cleavage at amino acid 29 results in no detection.

More assays from this family are under development, including: GLP-1, GLP-2, Glucagon, Proglucagon, C-Peptide of Insulin and more. These markers have been shown to be extremely important in diabetes and dysfunctions of appetite control and energy homeostasis leading to obesity. Several clinical trials are underway investigating these hormones and engineered analogs as therapeutics intended for use in the clinical management of diabetes and obesity. These markers may have potential utility in the diagnosis, stratification of patients for treatment selection, and / or as a companion diagnostic to assess response to treatment(s).

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